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Bob Vesterman hears you are considering changing the zoning law to prevent the festival. He hears you don't like the look of the kids who are working at the site. He hears you don't like their lifestyle. He hears you don't like they are against the war and that they say so very loudly. He doesn't particularly like the looks of some of those kids either. He doesn't particularly like their lifestyle, especially the drugs and free love. And he doesn't like what some of them are saying about our government. However, if he knows his American history, tens of thousands of Americans in uniform gave their lives in war after war just so those kids would have the freedom to do exactly what they are doing. That's what this country is all about and he is not going to let you throw them out of his town just because you don't like their dress or their hair or the way they live or what they believe. This is America and they are going to have their festival.

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